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Visit and fall in love with Canada, the second largest country in the world. Ten provinces and three territories from west to east, Canadians welcome you with a warm “Hello eh” in English or French. Allow Canada bed and breakfast inns to introduce you to this grandiose land, a home away from home. Canada Bed and Breakfast Inns with 10 years Bed and Breakfast Internet Directory expertise, is your site to discover the perfect bed and breakfast inn, lodge, boutique hotel, or cabin and the unique splendor each province invites you to share. Many facilities include spas, ski or fishing resorts, and pet friendly accommodation. Search for a romantic, hidden five star getaway; dream golf course or poolside wedding at a quaint inn; 1st or 50th anniversary celebration prearranged with champagne, candles and dinner in a bed and breakfast inn or your business meeting/reward vacation for your top sales team at a boutique hotel. Your hosts provide vast knowledge of the area, are waiting to greet you and inform you of the distinctive and exclusive festivities, amenities and sites to see in your chosen province.

Furthest west is ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ (BC), cosmopolitan in the city and rainforest across the Lions Gate Bridge to the North Shore bringing unprecedented, natural beauty. It is the only province where you can ski in the morning, sail mid-day and golf the evening away. British Columbia boasts some of the best diving in the world with awesome visibility, the most exhilarating snowboarding, Downhill, Heli, and Cross Country skiing, as well as, North America’s top ski resort at Whistler. BC is a major port of call for cruise ships and there are plenty of ferries to transport you to tour the many islands. Otters and seals are plentiful and be wowed by a pod of Orca (Killer) whales playing alongside. Victoria, BC’s capital on Vancouver Island is a must visit, with horse and carriage rides, the Butchart Gardens, wine tours with award winning BC wines, zodiac tours, parliament buildings lit up at night and the Wax Museum. Drive east up the scenic Interior of BC for wine tastings, festivals such as party central Peach Fest, or more skiing and golf. Vancouver is multicultural in people, art, cuisine and film and in fact is deemed “The Hollywood of the North” due to the major motion pictures filmed at its locations. There is a strong First Nations influence in the western provinces and BC has some of the world’s most authentic native art, masks, soapstone carvings and totem poles and you could even experience a guided ocean canoe tour, weather permitting. Explore one of the few clean, safe pristine places in the world, British Columbia!

Canada’s three Prairie Provinces are just east of BC over the Rocky Mountains, representing the most wide open spaces with planetarium-like sparkling nighttime skies (best to stargaze) and friendly hospitality at your fingertips. Alberta, bordering Montana where Edmonton, home of the West Edmonton Mall, literally an indoor city, and the Edmonton Eskimos Football team is the capital city and Calgary, a metropolitan hob where you can be around people, and still feel like you’re countryside. People travel world over for the annual Calgary Stampede Rodeo. Alberta is renowned for its cattle farming and beef; home of the best quality steak. Visit Banff and Jasper ski resorts, summer or winter where you will see celebrities, tourists and locals mingle, and elk roam freely through town. A short drive from Banff to Drumheller is the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum, the dinosaur capital of the world. Beside Alberta is Saskatchewan, land of the living skies, wheat fields, gorgeous winter snow falls and stunning winding rivers and bird watching. Regina, the capital and Saskatoon, the largest city hosts horseback riding ranches, the largest agricultural marketplace, casino’s, and snow mobile tours. Check out the Santa Clause Parade or Fall fair or for sports fans, NHL hockey, La Cross and golf, with more golf courses per capita than anywhere world over. Onwards east is ‘Friendly Manitoba’ where you will have more laughs about the “frozen part of the continent” than anywhere. Winnipeg, its largest city the capital and hosts outdoor/indoor concerts with infamous bands playing year round. Manitoba’s nickname is “Winterpeg” due to the blankets of snow in dazzling winters yet is also one of the sunniest places in Canada so bring sunglasses. Manitoba boasts fresh water fishing at it’s thousands of clear lakes. The wilderness of coniferous forests in the North is breathtaking. Politics are big in the Prairies so see the present Manitoba Legislature with neoclassical designs.

Into Eastern Canada is Ontario where Niagra falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is a honeymoon capital. The ‘Maid of Mist’ boat ride or a heli tour of the falls is truly something to behold. Toronto, the largest city in Canada and a major business hub prides itself in its nightlife where you can dance the night away at the many clubs and lounges to Salsa, Jazz, Pop or Rock music. See the CN Tower, the world’s tallest building with fabulous city views and the CNE, Canada’s largest amusement park. Drop by Lake Ontario for sailing where you dock and dine waterfront style, roller blade, bike ride or stroll around the lake. Don’t miss the Toronto Air Show for the “Snowbirds”, the Canadian armed forces aerobatic team's flight maneuvers you won’t forget or the Toronto Film Festival where you are guaranteed to see famous faces at premieres and restaurants about town. Ottawa is Canada’s capital with striking parliament buildings and a canal that freezes in the winter for ice skating. New York and Buffalo are an easy drive south. Tired of the city? Outer-limit towns like a 90 minute drive north of Toronto to Muskoka, a premium lakeside destination where many film stars own second homes is the ticket.

Next is Quebec, the largest province in area, predominantly French speaking where locals are called ‘French Canadians’. Quebec borders New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Quebec City is the capital and Montreal, its largest city where you can stay up all night trying horse drawn carriage rides, exquisite French cuisine, piano lounges, Opera, Broadway plays, nightclubs and night life is open until 4AM. It is home to the Montreal Film Festival, Women’s Tennis Association and the Montreal Winter Show dedicated to winter sports, activities, winter shopping and an outdoor center. Visit the ‘Salon Passion Chocolate’ in November where you can taste the wares of Chocolate Craftsman and pastry chefs. A cosmopolitan city indeed you will rarely see a local with a coffee “to go”. Rather sit in one of the many cafés, people watch, share stories with the locals and savor the “coffee experience”. The shopping and fashion on St Catherine’s Street in Montreal can be likened to that in Paris. Another province of Canada with four seasons with bright fall leaves, spring flowers, winter wonderland fun and hot endless summers. Canada is young and Quebec is where you will find the most fascinating European influenced architecture of brick, stone and of varying inspiration and old cobbled roads.

In the three Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI) you will fall in love with the open door-bring your family for dinner policy, the Gaelic culture with highland dancing to bagpipes, the highest rate of bars per capita where you must order the ‘Halifax Explosion’ shooter. Lobster and succulent seafood fests are second to none at affordable prices, even McDonalds offers lobster on a big bun. Drives across the coast with the wild Atlantic Ocean on your right and endless rolling hills on your left to sites such as tides at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy or the magnificence of Chaleur Bay in New Brunswick will make your spirit soar. Take in the theatrical performance of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ in Prince Edward Island, leisure on the many picturesque, warm, sandy, saltwater beaches. The Maritimes are where Christmas memories will never be forgotten and in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, locals are happy to have one more merry man about. Maritimers love to celebrate and show off their Gaelic pubs, camping by lakes, fishing or kayaking, small quaint villages by bays with strong European influence, bike rides, and very little rain. There is nowhere more colorful in Canada than autumn in Nova Scotia.

Come experience the magnificent territories with seasonal 24 hours daylight, where you can see most clearly the Dancing Northern Lights. The Yukon is one of the world’s best places to take in a dog sled ride and snowshoe picnic trip or for adventure seekers there are snow mobile and ATV tours. Try your hand at ice fishing or stay in by the fire with a ‘blueberry tea’ (Black tea with Grand Marnier - add a splash of honey or orange). Dawson city is where three rivers meet and the people of yesteryear got rich at the gold rush. The Northwest Territories where the Aurora Borealis, nature’s amazing lights show is from September to April. Nanavut will show off her majestic mountains, rivers and canyons and is truly a region of native small town culture and perspective. There are many places to explore and hike with lots of bed and breakfasts and cabins with scenic bedroom balcony views of winter wonderland to have a hot tub, massage and recuperate.

After a days excitement and wonder in Canada’s natural paradise, your Canada Bed and Breakfast Inn is the perfect place to wind down. Now is the time to rekindle and renew in your intimate and private environment. Allow us to introduce you to your next getaway; check for the finest boutique lodging Canada has to offer. The beauty of Canada will take your breath away!